No End in Sight for Price

Currently today in our world clothes have become more and more expensive. But we keep on paying the rising price for clothes. Are they really worth the high price we pay for them? Not really. The reason being that, they are becoming more expensive year after year because the material that the clothing is made out of has risen in price. When companies purchase the material it costs them more money to buy the material and then pay workers to produce the items. So for all of this they make the price higher in order to get money back for all of the money they used to manufacture the clothes. It may be made out of better materials, but if we keep at this pace of paying higher for better made clothes one day will a single T-shirt cost us a million dollars? All of the lady’s and guys out there should spend their money more wisely and stop buying the best for more, instead buy clothing for less and sure it will wear out sooner, but so will you $50 clothes. Then you will just have to spend another $50 or more to replace them. Rather than to just buy a pair for $15 and later on having to replace those would be cheaper and less expensive. If you rather bought $15 clothes instead of 50 dollars or more you have money left over to buy whatever else you desire to have. Like an iTunes gift card, shoes, or other various accessories.


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