Fashion in The Walking Dead?

How do you distinguish a character or zombie from each other in unique and different ways to tell their story? Well Eulyn Womble can pull it off and that is why she is the costume designer for all of the characters and zombies in The Walking Dead TV show. When you first see the characters in the show before they even say a word you judge them by how they look and are dressed. In season 4 of The Walking Dead at the prison Rick and the group are all in earthy tones of clothing while the Governor and his own group are in the military color tones of blue and grey. Eulyn Womble was inspired by the characters jobs at the prison in the beginning of the season. Guard duty of course is still Glenn accompanied by Maggie, so they wear dark tones, such as dark greys, greens and black in order to camouflage themselves while on guard duty. Rick is on farming duty, so he wears light shirts in natural colored tones and wears gloves. Perfect for his farming duty since he is outside most of the time. In every season so far of The Walking Dead the first scene consists of Rick in the same colored shirt as the sheriff shirt that he wears in season 1.

The biggest challenge for Eulyn Womble in dressing the cast for fashion that was a nonissue was that the apocalypse happened in 2010, so creating new modern looks with old clothing and making up new interesting ways they could wear it. Though one of Eulyn Womble’s greatest challenges with the show overall was in season 4 the way things were changing in the setting of Georgia from hot to really cold weather the characters had to find ways to be warm. But it could not be at all convenient of course! It’s a zombie apocalypse! Nothing is ever easy to accomplish or else the show would become to dull and boring. All of the characters in season 4 will change and so will the clothing. While some of their clothing will become shabbier because of what journey they have decided to take and the others will find new articles of clothing and other various items to accessorize themselves with.

The Governor is a pretty interesting character based on opinion, but in the mid-season finale he was given a leather jacket to wear that symbolized his armor. The Governor is a pretty bad ass dude or really creepy…depending on your opinion for he always knew how to play his role and pays close attention as to how he dresses himself. Whereas Rick’s group was more affected on what they could find to even wear they didn’t really care how they were dressed just that they had something to wear. Also the Governor of course had first pickings of the spoils/resources. Also a pretty cool little detail is the Governors eye patch. One of the make-up crew guys, who does the zombie aging also does leather aging. So for the Governors eye patch he made it so that David Morrissey who plays the Governor could see out of it. There is a line in the middle of the eye patch that is stitching and allows for David to see out of it. Pretty sneaky huh?

In flashbacks during the show Eulyn Womble envisions the characters and how they would shop and do things. Such as the character Michonne, Eulyn Womble envisioned Michonne as a badass. That Michonne purposely dresses like a badass. When scavenging for items she choses them for a purpose and it is her own choice to dress and look like a badass superhero. In the show it is established that zombies can’t bite through duct tape, so the character of Milton takes a jacket and wraps it in duct tape creating protection and a fashion statement for him. The clothing that both the characters and zombies wear is very durable since they get dirty and some characters end up dying more than once. Eulyn Womble shops anywhere from thrift stores, Wal-Mart, and Saks for clothing that can be used over and over again in shots and hold up through all of its wear and tear in the show.

Eulyn Womble’s absolute favorite character is Hershel, his suspenders, ratty sports coat, sleeveless shirt and his spirit is what makes Hershel one of her absolute favorite characters. The Walking Dead is an awesome show and Eulyn Womble has done and amazing job in portraying the characters each individually to make them all stand out from each other. And don’t forget about all of the zombies who also look elaborate and ready to bite! Watch out for walkers, geeks and whatever else you may call them and have a bite free day!


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