Kawaii Fashion

The word kawaii in Japan means cute. And the slanting of kawaii is when women imitate the style of “Burriko”. Basically the kawaii style is where you take preschool cuteness; apply it to older adult life, which is the basic meaning of the style “Burriko”. Kawaii is a dress form that is much like Lolita fashion, fairy-kei and decoden. Kawaii is very much like Lolita fashion in a way. Except that the clothing for kawaii is much more simplistic and has a cute childlike feeling to it.

In the 1970’s kawaii started as a nonviolent rebellion against the traditional culture in Japan. It started and is know what it is, because girls/women started doodling, drawing, and dressing cuter and more childish to escape from their normal pressurized life that was veering them a way that they did not want to travel on.  The rebellion of kawaii also had an effect on the art world. Kawaii started to leak and influence visual arts, performing arts and the music world. All of these started creating different unique genres for the kawaii world. Besides all of kawaii’s cuteness invading the media it was also being used as a way of self-expression in a feminine way. Currently now in Japan though kawaii isn’t just for the female gender it can be for both given that it is now a product of culture. But even though it is for both genders it is usually referred to the female gender because of its high cuteness factor.


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